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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama to US: "I Feel Your Rage"

If Pres. O is so upset about the big bonuses being paid to the execs who ran A.I.G. into the ground, then why doesn't he direct the Secy. of Treasury to suspend bailout payments until either the company renegotiates the contracts or the Congress renegotiates the bailout?

Or better yet, why doesn't he finish nationalizing the m***********s, then fire the execs?

That's a rhetorical question. If you didn't think so, please please check out

Personally, I think Mr. O has taken a page from the playbook of Gentleman Bill. Clinton realized that, if people feel like they are "heard," then you can pretty much go ahead and do what you were going to do anyway - even if it manifestly screws them over - and they won't kick. I'll let the brain physiologists figure out why, but it seemed to work for Bill.

And I think Bo figures that empathizing by joining in might be just as good as emphatizing by listening. "Hey - he's outraged, just like us!" "Yeah; he gets it." Maybe. Or maybe we don't.

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